Prout College


Prout College offers an online course in Prout studies. It is currently the only college in the world to provide on-line tuition.

At present the course consists of eight subjects, which may be studied full-time or part-time. It has an academic standard equivalent to a Graduate Diploma.

Prout College also gives students, who do not want to study for the Certificate in Prout Studies, the opportunity to study each of the eight subjects individually.

The Certificate in Prout Studies consists of the following subjects:
  • Introduction to Prout Studies
  • Tantra, Spirituality and Social Change
  • Macrohistory and World Futures
  • Transformative Economics
  • Neohumanism, Policy Making and Contemporary Issues 
  • Frontiers of Science
  • Gender, Spirituality and Coordinated Cooperation
  • Education for Liberation
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Recent Publications from PIA and PIA associates
There are new publications on all aspects of Prout available from the PIA website.